Timothy Baquera

Timothy began his apprenticeship as a silversmith in 1970 and as a student he absorbed everything his maestro had to teach. He learned the art of fine gold and diamond setting in 1981. With his metal and lapidary skills, he fashioned many pieces of fine wearable art.

In 1974 at the age of 20 he married. Once he became a father in 1976 he began selling his art in Old Town, Albuquerque and Old Town, Santa Fe in New Mexico.

In 1979 he was asked to manage the production line of the Tigua Tribal Enterprises. There he taught Silver smithing, casting and lapidary. He also managed the pottery and weaving production as well. He created for the Tigua Tribal Enterprises an entire catalogue where every piece of jewelry was his design. In 1981, Timothy took his wife Gail and moved to California.


He became an apprentice once again and he learned the art of fine gold and precious gems jewelry design.

His life was good and he became a father once more. He mastered his craft and continued to work for his teacher until 1990. Then he went out on his own.

Timothy merged his Native American style and his fine gold style together to create a unique, one of a kind, line of jewelry that sold throughout California. In 1994 he moved his family to Colorado. Finding his niche in art shows, Timothy’s work was being bought by people from all over the world. He has won ribbons and gained recognition for his unique style of jewelry.

In 1999 he moved his family to Texas and worked for several different jewelers. In 2008 he moved to New Mexico where he calls Las Cruces his home.

Timothy is a master jeweler with over forty years of design experience and over the years has become an expert in jewelry restoration, stone setting, wax mold carving and laser welding.

In 2011 he realized his dream and opened Baquera Jewelers. He is so grateful to his family, friends and clients that have supported him in his dream.

Gail Baquera

Gail Baquera has been creating One-of-Kind Hurricane style candles since 2000.

She uses dried flowers, jewelry, feathers, glass bobbles, small memorabilia and pictures. They are all unique. These candles come with a votive or LED tea light, which ever you prefer. She will custom make a particular theme or try to match a particular color.

Bridal candles can be made for the bridal table and used as gifts for the bridesmaids and mothers.

Mother’s Day candles are beautiful with the family picture!

Call and talk with Gail about the creating your unique One-of-Kind candle.